Does the new Hospitality Nonprofit have a mission statement?

Yes! Here is the Mission Statement as filed with the Secretary of State: Fort Worden Hospitality welcomes visitors to a treasured state asset – Fort Worden State Park and Lifelong Learning Center. We connect people to the park’s resources: the lifelong learning center campus; the cultural, educational, artistic, environmental, and recreational programs offered by the park’s partner organizations; and the trails, beaches, and historic batteries. We also provide hospitality packages, meeting and events spaces, food services, and lifelong learning programming.

 The incoming staff members have also established a set of Company Values: 

  • Community: Inclusive of On-Site Partners, Guests, Visitors, Employees and Residents
  • Passion: For employee well-being, positive guest experience and working to the best of our abilities
  • Integrity: Leading with ethics and honesty through a proactive leadership approach and fostering an adaptable, positive work environment
  • Environmental Stewardship: Preserve the history of Fort Worden State Park while building the future for a sustainable ecosystem 
  • Culture of Learning: Fostering an environment of mentorship, training, collaboration and ownership of work with goals of employee growth and success

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